The Chamberlain Inventors’ Challenge 2016

Update: The printable The Chamberlain Inventors’ Challenge 2016 application form is now online!

The Troy Mini Maker Faire invites inventors, makers and mad geniuses to create a “mad mechanical conveyance” to transport Queen Mab, the symbol of The Enchanted City steampunk festival, which takes place in conjunction with the Mini Maker Faire. Entries in the Chamberlain Inventors Challenge 2016 must be able to carry the queen safely a distance of two city blocks. How it does that is up to you — it can be carried like a litter, pulled like a rickshaw or cart, or powered by battery “solar, aeolipile, or robotic.”


Entries will be on display throughout the Faire and take part in a parade during the event. There is a $4000 prize, presented by Sequence Development, for the winner of the Chamberlain Inventors’ Challenge, which will be selected on the day of the Faire by a team of judges. Last year’s winner was the “Long Beam Human Conveyance Chaos Mobile,” a human hamster wheel, built by a team from Adirondack Studios in Argyle, NY.

For more information, including entry fees and rules, contact The Troy Mini Maker Faire is sponsored by Tech Valley Center of Gravity and The Enchanted City steampunk festival.

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