Mini Maker Faires Around the Region

If you’ve never been to a Maker Faire or Mini Maker Faire, you really have to experience it to understand what all the excitement is about! Luckily, there are several in our region coming up this year, in addition to the Troy Mini Maker Faire on August 27.

Next weekend, April 16th, the Mohawk Valley Mini Maker Faire will take place in Utica, less than two hours from the Capital District. The Rochester Mini Maker Faire on November 19th is another event worth driving to.

And here’s a list of some other upcoming Mini Maker Faires in our region:

April 30 – Westport Mini Maker Faire, Westport CT
May 7th – Buffalo Mini Maker Faire
June 4th – Eastern Long Island Maker Faire
June 18-19 National Mini Maker Faire, Washington, DC
Sept 24 Champlain Mini Maker Faire
Oct 1-2 – World Maker Faire New York, Queens, NY
October 22 – Fredonia Mini Maker Faire

There are even more Mini Maker Faires happening at schools, libraries, and other venues around the Northeast. You  can find the constantly updated listing on the Maker Faire site. Go check them out and discover why Maker Faires are the place to be!

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