Meet the Makers: CMOST

Our next  featured Maker, SUNY Poly CMOST, has been a well-loved local resource for science fans for many years. At Troy Mini Maker Faire on August 27, CMOST will be bringing a favorite exhibit called Rigamajig. It’s a large-scale wooden building kit designed to spark imaginations. Child-friendly nuts and bolts allow for even the youngest builders to playfully prototype their ideas. The whole family will want to join in this hands-on building challenge!

Museum Educator Ashley Phillips answered some questions about what CMOST will be doing at Troy Mini Maker Faire:

What is a visit to CMOST like?
A visit to CMOST is a dynamic hands-on discovery experience. Exhibits are designed to let children and their families explore science concepts. In addition, scheduled events take place approximately every hour, providing a chance for children and their families to interact with our educators and dive deeper into science topics varying from engineering to animals.


What Maker activities do you offer on a regular basis?
This summer CMOST is offering miniMake activities every Tuesday morning. Our projects are geared for children ages 6 and older. We make engineering accessible to a younger crowd as we combine new technology with familiar materials. In our upcoming Jitterbug workshop children will use craft supplies to create an insect, and then use a vibration motor and simple circuity to bring it to life.

How does the Maker Movement benefit kids, families, and the community at large?
Making changes the way that we teach science and engage children to participate with it. We invite children to be the inventors, blow the doors open on the “science lab,” and tap into their creativity and science capability. Through tinkering and innovating we are reinforcing the fact that science discovery is current and ongoing.

What are you looking forward to seeing and doing at the Troy Mini Maker Faire?
We are looking forward to collaborating with others who are as passionate about making as us. We can’t wait to see what projects local inventors have been working on, and gain some fresh ideas while meeting young makers that will join us in the Maker Movement at the museum!

If you would like to have your own Maker exhibit at this year’s Troy Mini Maker Faire, the Call for Makers is open until August 1. Just fill out the online application form and let us know what you’re like to do. It’s free!